About us


DERMACARE LINE is a highly experienced diversified supplier, product innovator & manufacturer of personal care, consumer, safety & promotional products.

The company was the first industry supplier to introduce private label, made in USA hand sanitizers to distributors in 1995.

The company continues to innovate with their brand new exclusive line of patented Child Safety Sanitizers™ with child resistant safety caps.

Through their AmerIKYP / IKYP HEALTH Division the company has also evolved into a healthcare & pharmaceutical educational marketing solutions provider with the
development of dynamic multi-sensory audio & video with print products.

With the recent acquisition of DermaCare BioSciences, the company is also a leading source for COVID Rapid Nasal Swab Antigen tests under their EasyRapidNOW™ brand.

And through SINOWISE SOURCING, the company, since 1989 has been offering reliable custom & OEM factory direct product sourcing, manufacturing & importing services
on a broad range of consumer & promotional marketing products.


Dermacare Line – More Than You Ever Imagined.

Meet the team

Rich Butler

Rich Butler

Managing Director

40 + years in manufacturing,
product development, and
Kelly Stone

Kelly Stone

Chief Sales Officer


30 + years in sales, marketing,
public relations, and sales

Matthew Wang

Matthew Wang

Manager, Supply Chain & Global Sourcing


20+ years of experience in supply chain & logistics, on-site presence at our manufacturing facilities throughout Asia


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